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About Us

What started as a Best Friends traveling together back in 2008 has grown to a business of passion for our love of travel. Facilitating short, mid and long-haul travel, Kalypso Travel established its reputation by providing highly competitive fares along with a personalized service. Before the age of electronic tickets, everyone used to hand deliver airline tickets to local customers! Over 25 years later, as the landscape of travelling expanded, so too has the expectations of customers. Here at Kalypso Travel we value those relationships we build with our clients by us getting to know you as a friend we can better serve your needs and find you that slice of PARADISE Heaven!!

Years of experience and strong working relationships with customer service, and teaming up with Nexion Travel we have unfettered access to travel deals around the world. Multi-lingual travel agents have the cultural experience in gaining admission to lucrative deals, allowing us to negotiate discount fares for our customers.

Kalypso Travel has full ARC and IATA accreditation, along with several association memberships and working harder to obtain more thus providing our customers with financial protection and complete peace of mind.

We are not just an online business, but people that can have a real conversation about the kind of holiday or vacation they want for their family. We are available any time you need us because you and your family are our focus..

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